Sierra Remote Observatories

Since first light in May of 2007, SRO has continuously operated multiple observatories for both professional research and amateur imaging.

All observatories are roll-off roof design and constructed with elevated wood sub floors, designed to minimizing thermal contamination.

Shared Observatories have 9-foot ceilings, while Climate-Controlled Observatories have 10-foot ceilings.

Building and site infrastructure incorporates high-availability and and fail-safe features to maximize equipment safety and minimize downtime.

For Custom Observatories, please contact us via email to discuss your individual needs.

Observatory Types

Sierra Remote Observatory

Shared Observatory

Up to 24” on an equatorial mount or 28” on an Alt-Az mount. No need to worry about weather safety and roof operation – we do that for you.

Private Observatory

Up to a 20” on an equatorial mount or 28” on an Alt-Az mount. You control the roof.

Custom Observatory

For larger telescopes or unique requirements. Maximum control.

Hosting packages


SRO offers telescope hosting in multi-telescope shared observatories, private observatories, climate-controlled observatories, and custom observatories. 

All hosting service packages include: